How I ended up in Direct Sales

How I ended up in Direct Sales

I was at home on maternity leave in Canada with my second child. I loved being at home with her but at the same time was slightly bored out of my mind. I had a successful career but I knew when I went back to work I would be doing the 9-5 grind, racing home to see my children. I also knew that the coveted daycare fees would cost as much as my paycheck. It was a slightly depressing reality.

An American mom friend said hey did you hear about (insert the clothing company here) and then I said oh I love these clothes. They were comfortable yet fashionable and appealed to me, post children. My body had changed and I no longer had the marathon shape body I used to it was slightly awkward that I couldn’t fit my clothes.

I then immediately signed up for a direct sales company. They then closed in Canada and I was one of the few reps here in Canada for the brand. Then the amazing thing happened. I was great at sales. My business boomed, I brought inventory and sold it.

I was so successful I served on their leadership team, I spoke at the company convention and did company-wide trainings.

How I ended up in direct sales, with my son Benjamin.

In the end, I decided to leave that Direct sales Business when the company changed lots of policies and I felt that having a business where I carried inventory, not in my best interest. I also could no longer recommend the business to others and that’s when it’s time to leave.

I really think Direct Sales is a great option for some people and when I discovered Epicure and how easy it made my life I knew that this was the right company for me.

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