Journey to Healthy living

journey to healthy living

After 2.5 years of running a very successful clothing boutique online, I found that I wasn’t taking care of myself. I had gained 20 pounds with my second child and I kept on that weight. I was going to bed at midnight or later and waking up early. I worked all the time helping customers.

Journey to healthy living
Me when I was young and fit running marathons!

When I closed that store I was on a journey to find myself again and find something that truly made me happy. I wanted to continue to be more present with my children and still have work life balance where I picked them from school and attended field trips.

I was googling healthy meals and quick workouts and stumbled upon Epicure. I purchased the kit to test out the foods and products and not only were they not full of additives and other things they were really easy meal solutions.

I immediately knew I needed to share this with the world so busy moms like me would be able to discover Epicure as well.

Since then Epicure has changed my life. I now eat better and Epicure’s meal program has really changed how I eat! I hope you will try it as well.

I still indulge on treats, I have beer on a regular basis. But I also have more balanced meals, include water and now eat things like salads. Epicure is a great company to partner with.

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