What is the cost to join Epicure?

What is the cost to join Epicure?

The Cost is $49.95 US or Canada

You can also add Welcome bundles.

Essential Bundles – $79 Canadian / $69 US – Just food

Be Well Bundle $129 Canadian $110 US

Connoisseur Welcome Bundle $250 Canadian/ $215 US – Food and Cookware

Epicure is a Canadian company that has ambassadors in Canada and the US. It was started in 1997 with a passion to share the clean eating solutions she had created for her family. Started by Sylvie and now run by her daughter, CEO Amelia Warren, are uniting time-starved families that want to reconnect across the table to share good food, eat healthier, and live better.

To join you have to find an awesome Epicure ambassador (ahem, me!) and they can help you sign up. Contact me now to sign up!

Once you register if you ordered a welcome bundle you will have full of supplies to grow your business and samples of some our best-selling products. Or choose the option without the kit and be able to use your own personal link to sell Epicure and be an ambassador.

Anne Dickson with Ameila Warren the CEO of Epicure
With my daughter Ella and the CEO of Epicure Amelia Warren

Sign up to become an ambassador today

Let’s do this

Epicure literally gives you a recipe for success. Some of the things you will include are

  • Training from Epicure Head office
  • Training from my amazing upline, and personalized training from me
  • Supportive Facebook group with more training for the team
  • Have your own e-commerce website for customers to shop online
  • The ability to choose how to promote Epicure. You decide what hours you want to work and what kind of business you want to design. Or if you want to just share it as an affiliate.

What is the cost to sign up for Epicure?

49.95 for an all access pass and if you want to add on food or cookware choose one of our bundles.

For more information on what’s in the career kit check out the videos below. Let me know if you have more questions.


Click on the link below to sign up in Canada and the USA

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Join Epicure

What to do while you wait for your kit

Epicure Business Kit

How do I start selling Epicure?

Join Epicure

Shop in Canada

Anne Dickson can not make any promises or guarantees that any independent Epicure Consultant will be financially successful as each consultant’s results are dependent on his or his own skill and effort.

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