Yoga with Kids

Yoga with Kids

Part of my vow to live a healthier lifestyle was to also work out, do meditation and yoga again. Since I spend most of my time with small children it’s natural that they take part as well!

I found an awesome Youtube channel called cosmic kids yoga that has themed yoga that my kids love to do with me. I also go them their own yoga mats so well they all stop piling on mine.

We also practised yoga when we were in New York and Brooklyn. Here is a photo of us doing yoga in Brooklyn while we were visiting friends! The kids loved taking turns being Yoga instructors and showing us how to do poses.

We usually do simple poses like tree pose, downward dog, child pose (which they named egg pose) and warrior pose. Sometimes these sessions will only last for 5-10 minutes before someone gets bored. It’s a great way to bond with them and introduce them to yoga, mindfulness and mediation.

yoga with my kids
Doing Yoga in Brooklyn

The kids loved Yoga so much we signed up for a YMCA membership so they can do a Yoga class and I can do it a the same time. I love that we all get to practice mindfulness and do something healthy.


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