Epicure Good Food Good Results

Epicure Good Food Good results
Epicure Good Food Good results

Epic Life Challenge Starts again September 2021

Epicure facebook group

What is the Good Food Good Results program with Epicure?

Good Food Good results or #epiclife is a 90-day program with Epicure. It isn’t a diet but a lifestyle. It helps with portion control, meal planning, and eating real food. This 90-day challenge has another official launch happening in September but you are more than welcome to start at anytime

To get started there is an Epic Life Collection you can purchase through Epicure comes with everything you need to get started.

What is in the Epic Life Collection – Good Food Real Results

The collection is listed below.

epic life collection

It comes with Perfect Portion scoops, which help with portion control so there is no guessing and calorie counting.

epicure scoops
Perfect Portion Scoops

A Real Results Guide that has tips, grocery lists, and meal plans.

epicure guide

Epic Life Journal to help you keep track of your 90-day plan and some of the favorite items including vegetable broth mix, 3 onion dip mix, and more.

Epic Life Journal for Epicure

If you don’t want to buy the whole kit you can always just follow along using the Epic Life Journal.

The other bonus about the Epic Life program is you will get help from a registered dietitian and have a Facebook group with a community of 1,000s for support.

If you are interested in joining make sure you subscribe to my email list to get notified when it opens again in September 2021 for the official group start. But you can always start now by giving me a shout and I can be your accountability partner.

Learn more here!

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