Epic Life Challenge

Epic Life Challenge Starts September 2022

The program is back for 2022.


What can you achieve in 90-days? With a clear vision and defined health and wellness goals, this online program provides the tools, tips, motivation and training to help you achieve your epic life.

This program uses the Epic Life Challenge program as a guideline. You will get tips, recipes, meal tips, and fitness tips. The program is 90 days long.

There is an #EpicLife Challenge group set up where others will cheer you on, you can post pictures, ideas and encourage each other. Epicure Head Office also has PRIZES including food and cash prizes! The group also shares non-scale victories as well (NSV).

There is also #MealPrepSunday where people share meals they are making the next week!

 epic life
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Reasons to join EpicLife

I talked to a few participants and asked them why they joined the program and these are some of the reasons they signed up.

  • To be able to enjoy life again,
  •  Show my kids how to eat right so they grow up healthy too
  • I have had short-term success on other plans/programs but was unable to incorporate them into my life 
  • Lose weight
Epic life Challenge
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Tools you need for the program

Sign up for free here Add Anne Dickson as your consultant and contact me to let you know you signed up!

The Epic Life Collection includes everything you will need. An epic life journal to keep track of progress, portion scoops and a meal planning guide with tips PLUS tons of food to help you throughout the weeks to come.

Buy the Epic Life Collection

US link

Buy the Epic Life Collection

Canadian link

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Epic Life Challenge Results

I did the Epic Life Challenge in 2019 because I personally needed to get back on track and healthy again.

I have seen a huge difference in how I feel. I now naturally practice portion control, drink more water and always strive to get 30 minutes of activity in a day. It’s a great flexible program for anyone!

I lost 9 pounds on the challenge and have signed up for the next round!

Epic Life Challenge Results

Host a cooking class and you can get this item for 1/2 off!

If you would like to join the program contact Anne

If you are interested in being an Epicure consultant? Go here

4 weeks of healthy meal plans

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