Epicure Fundraising Program

epicure fundraising program

Epicure fundraising program is perfect for USA and Canadian non-profits, school groups, sports teams, or charities! As a professional fundraiser and an Epicure consultant I’ve seen my share of fundraising programs. This one will help your charity/non-profit group!

Starting May 2020 Epicure Fundraiser program is in Canada and the USA!

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Benefits of the Epicure Fundraising Program

  • 40% of the proceeds go back to your organization. When a $25 collection is sold, the organization will receive $10 from the sale.
  • All prices include a beautiful gift box, shipping and taxes!
  • No inventory to buy upfront
  • Healthy, gluten free options

How it works is the minimum to order is $250 and me your Epicure consultant will help you with it! Want to host one contact me now

The Weeknight dinners collection includes 1 package of some of our most popular items. It’s a great way to test out items without committing to a huge order.

After 10 years working as a professional fundraiser for charities i’m so excited to be able to help charities, non-profits, daycare and sports team raise money. Contact me today!


Anne Dickson

Epicure Leader, Consultant

Contact me today and we can have a fundraiser for you!

One example of a charity fundraiser we have done is with the New Mom Project! This charity provide marginalized families with basic baby necessities to get them off to a great and loving start. They collect donations of gently used or new items and distribute them to families in need.  Since 2014 we helped over 1000 families in Toronto.

The charity fundraiser was an easy one to implement and was advertised to their donors, on social media and supporters. It provided a new revenue stream for the charity and an easy way to raise a few hundred extra dollars to support the charity.

Host your Epicure Fundraiser today!

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