Direct Sales Training

Direct Sales Training

I’m a big believer in training for your direct sales, social business and I there is a lot of value in training! I’ve taken every free course, training and I swear webinar that exists out there in order to learn more about the business.

Your company will offer amazing training, and if I’m your upline and you are with Epicure you will have even more awesome training. But sometimes there are things that aren’t covered!

I’ve been a fan of Brenda Ster. I have taken her courses, joined her paid group the Elite Suite and done 1-1 coaching with her. And brag flag, it worked. I stress, it was not an over night success. In my last direct sales company I had a team of over 50, spoke at the company convention, done company wide training. I had organic leads and newsales coming to me on a regular basis. I owe a lot of that success to the training I learned in her courses.

If you want more training on different topics GO HERE to sign up. Note this is my affiliate link.

Some of the amazing training aimed specifically at direct sales includes

If you need help deciding what course is best for you give me a shout and I can help you decide.

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