10 reasons to join Epicure

10 reasons to join Epicure 1

Discounts on Food

You will be able to have discounted Epicure food and be able to purchase food for yourself at 25% off! The discount changes as you move up the compensation plan and will increase.

Your own E-commerce website

You will have access to your own ecommerce website for Epicure being able to sell in the USA and to Canada. There are zero website fees you have to pay monthly!

10 reasons to join Epicure 2
Work with your coffee anywhere


With Epicure you can have a flexible business around your own schedule. You can decide your own hours and when you would like to work your own business. I have a wide range of team members on my team including people who have full time jobs, people who are stay at home moms and everything in between. The job also works for University students or retirees.


Epicure has training on its website in the back office, Training from me (an experienced direct seller), and lots of training from my team. You will have lots of help with your business. There are also conferences, leadership conferences and local training! I’ve done weekly lives in my team page, have spoken at conferences and been interviewed by Brenda Ster a direct sales trainer. I’m a leader in building your business online!


Meet and learn from other Epicure consultants and build friendships! It is wonderful to have a team of supportive other consultants from across North America.

10 reasons to join Epicure 3

Fast Start Program and Incentives

Epicure has a fast start program where you can earn extra income and bonuses within the first 90 days. They also have lots of incentives throughout the year!

epicure fast start bonus

Ground Floor Opportunity

Epicure is an established company within Canada and has been here for 20 years but NEW to the USA! This is an amazing opportunity to grow and expand in a new country. I hate using the word ground floor but there is a tremendous growth opportunity in the US.

reasons to join epicure

No Inventory

After your initial purchase of your kit there is no obligation for you to keep buying products and I do not recommend carrying inventory. Since the products are fresh they get shipped from Epicures warehouse and you are not responsible for shipping.

10 reasons to join Epicure 4
Me in my old company with inventory.

Tax Benefits

Having a home based business gives you the opportunity to enjoy deductions that you can use for your taxes. Speak to a tax professional in your province or state for more details. Some things that can be used for taxes are business supplies, business trips, phone and other expenses.

As an Independent Consultant with Epicure I truly enjoy helping others create delicious healthy meals they can make in under 30 minutes. I love the company and the amazing team. If you would like to be a part of my team contact me

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