What the requirements to stay active as an Epicure Consultant?

what are the requirements to stay active as an Epicure Consultant

Are you thinking of becoming an Epicure consultant and wondering what the requirements are to stay active as an Epicure Consultant?

Epicure Consultants are considered qualified if they submit at least 250 QV (Qualifying Volume) within a calendar month. You must qualify one month out of every three calendar months to remain active as an Epicure Consultant. That’s approximately one qualified Cooking Class every three months.

It can’t be spread out within three months. Eg. If you have submit 100 QV in January, 100 QV in February and then 50 in March it does not count. It must all be in one month (eg $250 QV in February.)

As a consultant you can decide how much you want to work the business. You can achieve trips, free items in the fast start bonuses or just sell to your family and friends.

It’s a great way to get a discount on Epicure, participate in the community, make friendships or grow a business.

If you would like to be a consultant or email me here if you have more questions.

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Interested in what is in the Epicure Kit? Watch my video here where I do an unboxing of the Epicure Kit

What are the Epicure Consultant Perks?

  • Discount on Epicure – starts at 25% and up
  • Preview new items and buy them first before customers
  • Free training
  • No inventory
  • No monthly website fees
  • Chance to earn bonuses, food, and more!

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Anne Dickson can not make any promises or guarantees that any independent Epicure Consultant will be financially successful as each consultant’s results are dependent on his or his own skill and effort.

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