8 Different Ways to Sell Epicure

8 ways to sell Epicure

Are you interested in learning more about Epicure and the different ways to sell it?

Here are some ways you can work the business and 8 different ways to sell Epicure. If you would like to join me and my team click here to contact me.

Cooking Classes

Note due to Covid-19 all our classes have been moved to online! The most popular way to present Epicure is to host a cooking class. Cooking classes can be in person or online and the Epicure Consultant will show you how to make healthy meals you can make in raw to ready in 20 minutes. Guests can also earn 1/2 off items, hostess reward and other perks. If you are interested in hosting a party yourself contact me here.

epicure cooking class
Me with my friend Astrid cooking!


Currently in USA and Canada!

Epicure has a fundraising program where the organization or charity can receive 40% of the proceeds! These fundraising kits help the organization by getting much needed funds and a great way for the Epicure consultant to sell Epicure to a new audience. If you want to host a fundraiser email me here

fundraiser with epicure

If you want to learn more about Fundraisers click here

Vendor Events

Note there are no vendor events currently during Covid-19 in person. Another popular way to sell products is to be where the people are and attend vendor events! You can bring your own products that you personally use for Epicure and promote the products, and drive people to go to your website to purchase. It’s a great way to book classes, meet new people in your local area. Do not buy inventory for this event! With Epicure you don’t need inventory for your business so my recommendation is just to meet people and book parties.


Yes! Blogging is a way to promote and sell Epicure! You are reading a blog right now that is focused on Epicure and food. You can start a blog with resources and how to use Epicure products. If you need help starting a blog I recommend Hope Hanson and the Purple Tea Cup. She has courses that are everything from DIY blog, teaching you to blog and a skilled direct seller.

Build an Email List

Email list is such a great tool that very few direct sellers are using! An amazing tool to stand out from the rest is to join mailerlite or another email provider and start an email list. Ask people and customers to opt in (DO NOT ADD THEM UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION!). You can keep in touch with others and contact them and keep them up to date on events, specials and promotions. Here is my affliate link for Flodesk

Ask for Referrals

I gotta admit I never do this but referrals! If you have find an awesome customer who knows someone that might like Gluten-free healthy products or looking to cut processed food Epicure might be the answer. Don’t forget to ask for the referral!

8 Different Ways to Sell Epicure

Social Media

Facebook Business page, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram are important parts of your funnel! Make sure you post valuable content with a mix of personality in with your sales posts to help grow your business.

Growing your Direct Sales Business

Grow your network

I’m not sure why I put this at the end, this should be number 1! I highly recommend growing your network on a regular basis and meeting new people. Not in a creepy way like you are handing the lady at the grocery store a business card and a sample after a 2 minute conversation. (That’s creepy don’t do that) . But join things you like, go to social events when you’re invited and make friends and come from a place of service. Eg. It’s sometimes best just to listen to people and see how you can help them.

Sell you

That sounded creepy. No I don’t mean sell yourself! But customers want to get to know you and buy from people they know. They have 100s of Epicure reps to choose from. Keep in mind that brand yourself with Epicure and how the products can help solve a problem. Eg. For me it’s I’m a busy mom and Epicure helps make meals for my screaming kids.

People want to buy from people! So show yourself and how you use Epicure and your love of it.

Looking for Epicure Consultant Rules?

Please don’t forget to go to your back office and look at your Consultant Agreement for all the information.

8 Different Ways to Sell Epicure 1
Me and my family

Want to become an Epicure Consultant?

Yes, sign me up!


Go to talk to your leader and Epicure head office and please review all the consultant policies about social media, vendor events and make sure you are in compliance. If you haven’t joined Epicure contact me to learn more.

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