Starting my Epicure Journey

Starting my Epicure Journey

Starting my Epicure journey is a kind of hilarious story. I literally wanted to just try the product and was going to purchase it just to try the food. I wanted easy healthy meals I could make quickly and then somehow ended up buying the whole kit because you get an incredible amount of things for $125 Canadian or $99 US. ($294 Canadian worth of products or $259 US worth of products).

Epicure Business Kit

I then tried the food in the Mexican Real food Kit on my family without trying them. Everyone ate it no problem.

I then looked over the career kit information and realized oh my goodness these fast start bonuses where you can additional cash bonuses in the first 3 months were amazing and I loved everything about this company!

I then decided I’m going to hit all those fast start bonuses, make this direct sales business work for me and share the food with others.

So are you looking to start your Epicure Journey?

How to sign up for Epicure

To sign up up for Epicure you need to sign up with an Epicure consultant (aka me) who will help you on your journey and help give you the recipe for success. To see what you would get when you sign up with me click here

Sign up for Epicure now

Minimum requirements as a Consultant

A as a consultancy there is a minimum requirement of selling $250 dollars of Epicure once a month every three months. Consultants who sign up for Epicure will receive 25% of all commission of products they sell including their own purchases.

Update on my own journey with Epicure

Since I’ve become a consultant I’ve started to lose weight from eating right and moving my body again with the Good Food Real Results plan. I’ve introduced Epicure to new customers and found new team members who are enjoying the Epicure foods as much as me. I’ve also hit several fast start bonuses and moved up a few Epicure levels and on track to hit Executive Consultant shortly!

I’m so glad the Epicure journey is going well and If you are interested in becoming a consultant don’t hesitate to contact me.

Anne Dickson can not make any promises or guarantees that any independent Epicure Consultant will be financially successful as each consultant’s results are dependent on his or his own skill and effort.

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