Epicure Business Tips

Epicure Business Tips

Are you looking at starting an Epicure Business and not sure where to start?

You have come to the right place!

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I know you have seen the stories of “Hey, I earned $250 dollars today on Fast Start bonuses!” (Which is true, I did earn that) but not everyone who joins a direct sales company or Epicure will earn these bonuses. Epicure like all direct sales businesses is still a business and to succeed you must treat it like a business. There are a lot of tools available to you and resources and block off at least 5 hours a week that you are going to work on the business and let’s do this!

Get in touch with your upline or leader

If you have already signed up and somehow found me from Google (thanks Google!) an amazing resource is the consultant you signed up with and your Epicure Leader. The Epicure Leaders are trained to help their teammates succeed! Book a meeting with them immediately and have a call. If you signed up with me then you will have a training call with me since I’m an Epicure leader!

If you are still thinking of signing up for Epicure and haven’t yet, I have lots of training and resources available to you including this blog. My team also has a new training module with lots of resources for you!

Anne speaking at a conference
Me presenting at my last direct sales company conference. I love training!

Look in the back office for Training

The Back office of Epicure has a lot of training resources available to you and inside your kit there are a few guides as well. They are so valuable and have great training videos for you to review. I refer to them all the time.

Do a launch party or host your own cooking class

If you’re brand new host a launch party (Epicure calls them cooking class) or if you are a seasoned consultant trying to boost your business…again just host a party/cooking class. It’s an easy way to get to promote your business and introduce your business to others. You can also grow your business from it by booking more cooking classes.

Host a launch party

Grow your email list or start one

Treat your Epicure business like a business and start an email list. Epicure has a partnership with Constant Contact and has templates already made for you to use! If you aren’t a fan of Constant Contact there are other providers you can use like mailerlite (the one I use). Make sure to ask permission before you add people to a mailing list. Do not add people without permission!

Use the products in your kit

Your first instinct might be to run out and buy all the products on the catalogue but DON’T! There are tons of amazing items in your Epicure Kit that you have. Go plan your meal plan out for the week and start making delicious foods! I recommend the Mexican Meal kit or Greek Meal Kit first. Yum.

Grow your network

I should have made this number 1 on the list but grow your network of people and resources. If you rely on friends and family for your business you won’t get very far. Unless your sister is moving out and needs a set of pots she won’t be buying kitchen supplies from you. Even if she does she doesn’t need them monthly! Also a reason above to have people host parties for you to meet new people and go to events where you will meet new people that want could be potential customers.


When you work for yourself and are a entrepreneur your personal mindset is really important. For example, if you tell yourself nah I’m never going to grow this business then…well you won’t grow this business! I recommend listening to Hina Khan, Mel Robbins and anything motivational.

Epicure Business Tips 1

Brand yourself

This should be its own section and training but what makes you different than every other Epicure rep? Brand yourself and make yourself different! If you are on my team p.s. I will go over this in-depth!

Hope that helps you!

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