Epicure Lemon Dilly Dip Recipes

Epicure Lemon Dilly Dip Mix Recipes

Epicure Lemon Dilly has more uses than just dip! Here are some of the most popular Epicure Lemon Dilly Dip Recipes.

If you want to make a simple dip you can mix the Lemon Dilly Dip with some cream cheese and you have a quick dip to use with vegetables!

Lemon Dilly Dip Recipe

Use Epicure Lemon Dilly Dip on Seafood!

I love using the Epicure Lemon Dilly Dip on salmon and other fish. Here is an easy recipe that uses it with beans

Lemon Dilly Dip on Salmon

Another easy way to use Lemon Dilly is with Chicken! My kids aren’t big chicken eaters but if I prepare with breadcrumbs they seem to go crazy for it. Here is a recipe that uses Lemon Dilly and chicken drumsticks. I also like using this with chicken breasts and making chicken fingers for my kids that are bite size.

Lemon Dilly & Chicken Drumstick

When I see these at parties I usually eat like five of them. This is Epicure’s version with Lemon Dilly Dip recipe!

Lemon Dilly Dip Recipe

If you are looking for a meal for summer this potato salad is an easy tasty one. Here is the recipe here for it! I would eat potato salad all year round. 🙂

Epicure Potato Salad

Looking for an easy lunch? Make a sandwich using Lemon Dilly! Get the recipe here

epicure lemon dilly

The Lemon dilly dip mix comes by itself and is available in the US and in Canada.

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Epicure Lemon Dilly

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