Epicure Protein Powder

Epicure Protein Powder

Are you looking for Epicure Protein Powder?

Epicure has several Protein Powders including the Power Up Protein blend. The Vegan blend is 100% plant-based and great for shakes or to cook and for a quick meal on the go. The Vegan blend is Non-GMO and Kosher. New for 2020 is Power Up Chocolate Protein Blend. Both are available in Canada and the USA.

The Chocolate Protein Blend can be made with water, milk, or non-dairy alternatives.

Epicure Power Up Chocolate Protein Blend

There are tons of ways to build your own Smoothie or Smoothie bowl using these ingredients. You will need a blender, fruit, liquid like milk, or a milk substitute. They are great for Epicure Smoothie Recipes. If you need a smoothie booster you can use the Cocoa Acai Smoothie booster and the Super Green Smoothie booster.

Epicure Protein Powder Recipes

Here is a simple Smoothie recipe that you can use from the Epicure website. There are so many variations of this recipe that it’s an easy quick option for breakfast. I like this one because it includes kale and I like to sneak it into meals.

Epicure Protein Powder Recipes

If you only purchase one I would recommend buying the Vegan Protein Blend because it has lots of protein in it. I like to put a scoop of it into my smoothies and things like the super green smoothie booster or the cocoa acai smoothie booster into it as an extra.

The great thing about Protein Powder is you can use it in cooking! Here are some examples below.

Superhero breakfast cookies are great for a snack or to eat as breakfast. It’s also good for lunches for kids

Superhero Breakfast Cookies

Another great recipe that isn’t smoothie-related is Sleeping Beauty Oatcakes. Yum, these delicious cakes use protein powder!

Sleeping Beauty Oatcakes

I have to admit I’ve never made a pancake in my life but the Epicure protein powder can also be used in pancakes. The benefit of putting protein powder into these pancakes is that you will be full until lunchtime and that will help reduce the snacking in between meals!

Protein Powder into the Pancakes

A new one is protein bliss balls. They can be made in advance and are made with medjool dates and nut butters and hemp hearts. Here is the recipe here.

Protein Bliss Balls

I also use it in Powered Up Breakfast Crumble. I make variations of it with berry and also apples as well. I like to make i with frozen berries and my kids and I eat it at least once a week. It’s a delicious breakfast and keeps me full until lunchtime.

Powered Up Breakfast Crumble

The protein powder is available in Canada and the USA! 1 large container contains 20 servings.

How does it compare to other protein powders?

I’ve had a lot of others and one thing I like about Epicure is that it’s cheaper than some of the other ones on the market! Some of the others are 150 where Epicure’s is 50.

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Epicure Protein Powder

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