The importance in choosing the right Epicure Sponsor

How to choose an Epicure sponsor

When I switched direct sales companies I followed people closely (like a stalker, kidding) but wanted to watch how people worked online to see who I would click with.

But for some reason with Epicure I managed to find a random person who was going to do a swap with me where she was going to buy my product and I was going to buy hers. Sounds great right? So we did a swap….and we swapped kits. Then this happened….

OMG I LOVED EPICURE. And I signed under a random person I knew nothing about. Then I realized she didn’t know how to use social media, she sent spammy messages “Like do you know someone who wants to lose weight?” and conversational things on her Facebook business page. I was going to cry. Thankfully Epicure is set up so that leaders who are in the company to help train new reps and my Leader Linda was the nicest woman alive and experienced. I immediately knew I was okay.

Also if you were wondering my sponsor left shortly after to go afer some sort of diet magic pill.

Questions to ask your potential sponsor

What is their contact policy?

How quickly will they respond to voice messages, calls, texts, direct messages and voxes? Fast? If they don’t do you have access to a team that can help you out? You want to have someone accessible! P.S. I’m around a lot and I think spend too much time online.

Can you talk to them before you sign up?

Feel free to talk to them on the phone, schedule a call, and interview them! Watch their videos, blogs, or feel them out. It’s important to get to know them and see if you want to sign up with them If you want a call with me do it here.

What training tools will they provide for you?

Epicure head office will give you lots of training! What kind of training do you get from the sponsor? Do they do training? P.S. I have tons including new consultant training weekly, a training website, weekly business tips in my Facebook group. I got interviewed by a Social Media Direct Sales trainer as a success story and have spoken at my last company’s convention.

Look at their Social Media Profiles

Yo, I’m watching you. Check out your potential sponsor on different social media channels. Well you should. Do a scan of all their social media channels to get a feel for them and see if you like them! If they don’t have any social media channels then I would be suspicious that they aren’t that active in the company you are joining.

Warning Signs to look for with a Sponsor

They pressure you to sign up

Nope. Don’t ever feel any pressure to sign up under anyone or any company for that matter. The decision is always 100% yours.

They encourage you to buy products and lots of them

You only need your initial kit to get started (which costs $99 USD or $125 CDN). This isn’t an inventory based com so you do not need to buy products.

Ready to sign up for Epicure ?

To sign up for Epicure you must sign up under consultant and can’t sign up online. The Starter Kit costs $99 USD or $125 CDN and you will receive tons of tools, business information and things to get your Epicure business off the ground. Here is information to sign up Schedule a call with Anne here

How to choose an Epicure Sponsor

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Anne Dickson can not make any promises or guarantees that any independent Epicure Consultant will be financially successful as each consultant’s results are dependent on his or his own skill and effort.

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