Why should I join Epicure?

Why should I join Epicure?

Are you looking into Epicure and deciding if you should join? Here some reasons you should join Epicure.

Why should I join Epicure?

Epicure Welcome Bundles

When you join Epicure you can join for 49.95! 49.95 US or Canada will get you the Ambassador Access Pass

You can also add on different bundles with items

Essential Welcome Bundle – Food only – $79 Canadian / $69 US

Be Well Welcome Bundle – $129 Canadian / $110 US

Connoisseur Welcome Bundle – $250 Canadian / $215 US (food and cookware)



Epicure Consultant Discount

You will receive 20% commission on all sales including your own! If you choose to advance and work with Epicure as a business you have the opportunity to have a greater discount up to 33% commission.


Unlike other traditional employment opportunities, selling Epicure is flexible. Whenever you want to work it around your full-time job or can’t do a traditional job this opportunity could work for you. You can share your link with others and make commission.

Epicure products are delicious

When I talk to other consultants they say they loved the products and that’s the reason they joined! If you love the food and the products it’s easier to share the products with people than something you don’t like. Epicure is Gluten Free, healthy and makes meals easier.

Epicure products are delicious

Epicure has been in business for over 25 years

Epicure is not a new business and because of that doesn’t have the same growing pains as a start-up opportunity. It’s new in the US and you have an opportunity to be one of the first in the US!

No inventory

You do not need to invest in any Epicure inventory or products and I only carry what I’m actually going to eat. When a customer purchases from you it will be sent from Epicure’s Head office in British Columbia or out Utah, United States. You don’t have to worry about shipping your products yourself!

What my pop ups used to look like. clothing, baby, hangers etc.


A new teammate just told me that it’s information overload (in a good way). There is a ton of training that you can take from Epicure to help you succeed. I have also built my whole business online and share all my tips with my teammates. I want you to succeed as well as the other Epicure consultant and head office!

Opportunity for Cash Bonuses

I hope this answers the question of why should I join Epicure! I can’t wait to have you on board. Contact me to today to sign up or to learn more information join below.

Epicure has a fast path program where you can earn extra income and bonuses within the first 90 days. They also have lots of incentives throughout the year!

Join Epicure today

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