How I hit Executive Consultant level at Epicure in less than 3 months

 How I hit Executive Consultant level at Epicure in less than 3 months

Today I hit the Executive Consultant level at Epicure. I’ve been promoted and moved up the ranks three times since I started with Epicure and I’m so thrilled I wanted to share this success with you.

When I started with Epicure and read the Fast Start Epicure brochure I was shocked at how many cash bonuses you can earn with the first 90 days. For me the extra cash meant bills that could be paid, Christmas gifts I could buy for my family and I knew I didn’t want to pass up on those bonuses.

Here’s my advice on how to hit those Fast Start Bonuses and how you can too if you are signing up to be an consultant. Want to be a consultant? Contact me here

Read and Listen to the Training Videos

Epicure provides you with a lot of training videos. Amazing training from my leader Linda, her upline and Epicure head office. These trainings are there to help you succeed, learn from best practices. I’ve started making my own training as well since I want to be able to share all the things I’ve learned!

Be a Product of the Product

Epicure has delicious healthy gluten free products. As soon as I started eating the products and doing the Good Food Good Results Program and Epic Life Challenge. The following things happened. 1. I was able to speak about the products to customers because I knew first hand what they were like. 2. I lost weight and got healthier!

Be a Product of the Product

Get uncomfortable

“Great things never come out of Comfort Zones”

In order to achieve your goals (or in my case to move up the Epicure rank ladder) you have to get out of your comfort zone. You won’t get anywhere by doing things you are used to do. You are going to have to take risks.

Example, I tried to host an in person party and I had no one RSVP after I sent personal invites and follow ups. I was embarrassed. At the same time I knew it was important to just keep going and not let one set back throw me off my goals.

Get online

I started a new Facebook Business page, this blog, Instagram, Email list, have a Pinterest account, Youtube and Sassy Direct.

No, I do not recommend you run out and get all those channels at once. That might just distract you! But I recommend getting on one and being consistent. Being online will help you reach new markets besides your local market.

Get Online

Start a Blog

If you are reading this you are reading a blog all about..Epicure! My blog has helped me grow my Epicure business by me getting found on Google by new customers and consultants who want to join. If you need help starting your blog I recommend taking a course from The Purple Teacup. Hope will help teach you how to make your own Epicure Consultant blog (or any blog or that matter) and give you the tools you need. The next course Blog Lab 101 is coming up shortly. Register now! I promise it will be worth it!

Host Cooking Classes and Share the Opportunity

I’m going to put this as one item because they go hand in hand. Sharing the opportunity to be an Epicure consultant and sharing the good food via cooking classes will help others discover healthy meals, gluten free and help people eat healthier meals! Don’t be afraid to share the Epicure opportunity of becoming a consultant, seeing if people want to host classes or online parties.

Host Cooking Classes and Share the Opportunity
Epicure CEO Amelia and Sylvie the Founder

Mindset is everything

Every morning I wake up before my kids and have quiet time by myself. I work on my Epicure business and my mindset and intentions for the day. I write out my goals in the present tense and tell myself I’m so happy and grateful I have hit Epicure leadership by end of October 2019. I then tell myself the reasons and write out why I want to hit these goals. There are so many things you can watch and learn on mindset and watch yourself talk carefully. Tell yourself you will move up the Epicure rankings and it will happen!

Are you ready to hit your Epicure Fast Start Bonuses and move up in Epicure? Join today and learn more information.

How I hit Executive Consultant level at Epicure in less than 3 months 3

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Anne Dickson can not make any promises or guarantees that any independent Epicure Consultant will be financially successful as each consultant’s results are dependent on his or his own skill and effort.

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