Why you should blog for your Direct Sales Business

Why you should blog for your direct sales business

This month I woke up checked my blog inbox and there was a brand new team member wanting to sign up. I didn’t know this person personally. She found me organically….from my direct sales blog!


Why should you blog for your direct salesBrenda Ster, a direct sales trainer talks about the Direct Sales Social Media Pyramid in this article. She mentioned that everyone in Direct Sales gets the corporate website, and then maybe opens a Facebook group or Facebook Business page. But as you move up the Social Media Pyramid very few are blogging, using Instagram, on Google making Youtube videos, Pinterest, or emerging channels (hey Tik Tok) Since there are fewer consultants on those channels it helps you stand out from the 1,000s of others out there in your company.

You get found on Google

Are you like me and you use Google to solve your questions? Are your kids asking what’s the deepest part of the ocean and you check Google? I’m using Google for everything from hey “What’s the weather like tomorrow?” to direct sales questions. You can help answer direct sales questions around your direct sales business and get found from a new audience.

Here are some questions you can answer to get you started.

What is Epicure? (or your direct sales company)?

Fall Catalogue?

How do I find a consultant for your direct sales company?

Brand yourself

The great thing about your blog is it gives you a chance to brand yourself and add your own flair. Remember, the things your direct sales company gives you are the same for everyone! A blog gives you another opportunity to showcase yourself! People want to see you!

Brand yourself

You expand past your local network

Are you looking to expand your business past your immediate area? Feel like it’s saturated with other reps? No worries because your direct sales blog is on the internet and can be found globally! You have the opportunity to expand your network to different places in Canada US and beyond. You will able to find new customers and potentially new consultants or reps as well.

grow your direct sales

You become an authority on the subject

Potential customers and reps want to see feedback from real people who are using the products or with the company and not just the company materials. Seeing a blog with how to join, how to use the products will help them decide!

grow your direct business with a blog

How to start a Blog

There are a lot of resources out there but I recommend David Wooflrey from Plaid Labs. He understands direct sales and network marketing and will help you make a website that you can easily update on your own. He’s helped me with my websites, blog, and SEO TIPS.

Hope this inspires you to start your direct sales blog online. Keep blogging and if you are looking for a direct sales company to join check out my link below for more information.

A word of Caution

Blogging is a long-term game with people being consistent. Also, it’s important to make your own unique content. Do not take inspiration from others and copy them. Find your own voice!

Keep working at the blog, and it might take months before you see any consistent results.

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