Epicure Perfect petites

Epicure Perfect petites

The Epicure perfect petites pan is one of the useful products for my kids! It yields 30 perfect portions and each cavity fits 30 ml (2 Tbsp). It’s flexible and made of silicone. The dimensions of the pan are 38 x 25 x 2 cm.

The perfect petite pan is great for many recipes including tiny sushi bites, granola bites, energy bars, or no bake bars.

The Perfect Petite Pan
Me with the perfect petite pan in my Kitchen!

I’ve tried several of the Epicure granola recipes and made them for my kids. It’s perfect for my toddler and 5 year old because they sometimes graze and don’t want to commit to a full big snack. I also love it when I make them cause I can control what I’m putting it in their food vs commercial-made granola bars in the store. They are also easy and fast to make.

One of the recipes I’ve tried is the Perfect petite Bliss Bar.

They were quick to make and I kept them in the fridge.

Epicure perfect petites recipes

Perfect Petite Bliss Bar

One I haven’t tried yet but looks delicious is the sushi bites! My kids love rice and sushi so this one might be a big hit.

Sushi Bites

Another easy one is fro-yo sandwiches. Perfect for summer and uses summer berry

Fro-yo Sandwiches

I haven’t tried this one because I’m confident my kids won’t eat tuna casserole but you can make tuna casserole fish cakes in it too.

tuna casserole fish cakes

Another easy delicious one is egg bites! Here’s the recipe here

Egg bites

If you are looking for a delicious treat Brookie is delicious! It is a brownie that meets a blondie into this delicious treat for guests or your kids. Get the recipe here

brownie meets chocolate

This product is available in Canada and the US and made of 100% food-grade silicone. It’s flexible and non-stick for easy cooking and cleaning and Heat resistant up to 425° F (220° C).

I recommend this product for everyone if you want to make easy snack ideas. It’s a must-have with Epicure. Get your Epicure perfect petite pan today!


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