Epicure Butter Chicken Review

Epicure Butter Chicken

When I tried the Epicure Butter chicken I was nervous. What happens if I hated it? I’m a lover of curries and Indian Food and put Epicure Butter Chicken to the test.

The Butter chicken can be purchased in Canada and the US.

Epicure Butter Chicken

The butter chicken was easy to make. Epicure meal solutions are designed to be easy and you can make quickly. Make a pot of rice or instant rice if you need it. You will need coconut milk, tomato or chicken. It make a luxurious meal and a great alternative to eating out. Epicure products are also gluten free and made in a nut free facility.

Epicure Butter Chicken

Here’s a photo of it cooking in the most unsexy photo of all time.

Epicure Butter chicken

If you want to make it a more balance supper serve it with a side of veggies like green beans and you can replace rice easily with naan bread.

If you have leftovers the next day you can always make it into a butter chicken wrap. Served with a side of veggies for a balanced meal.

Epicure butter chicken wrap

The Epicure Butter Chicken Package can also be used for other meals including Butter chicken Nachos. This recipe uses the garlic aoli mix as well.

Epicure Butter Chicken Nachos

And one last meal idea is butter chicken poutine! This would be an easy one to add on top of fries and cheese. It wouldn’t be a healthy meal but I’m sure delicious.

My review of Epicure Butter Chicken

My overall review is if you have time to make true butter chicken from scratch then for sure make it. Homemade from scratch or in an grandmas home is always better! But if you don’t have 2 hours and need a quick easy butter chicken meal this is a great solution for you.

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