Epicure Holiday 2019

Epicure Holiday 2019

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With Christmas Fast approaching Epicure is ready with some easy holiday gifts for the bakers, food lovers, sports fans and stocking stuffers.

NOTE at this time October 10th there is no holiday guide. I will update this blog if a holiday guide comes out!

Gifts For Bakers

Epicure sells cookware as well as spices! The perfect petite pan is great for bakers because it makes bite size servings of your favourites including things like mini sushi, granola bars and more.

Gifts for People who love dessert!

Epicure has an awesome selection of items of healthy desserts without any extra additives. Gluten Free Brownies, Chocolate Velvet Cheesecake, Chocolate Pudding and Chocolate Fudge.

Epicure Stocking Stuffers

Epicure has a lot of small items that are great for stocking stuffers! Our spices would fit into a stocking as well. The 4 in 1 spice spoon, cruet and funnel are all a great size for a stocking.

Epicure Holiday Gift Baskets

Do you need an easy holiday gift already wrapped up into a gift basket? Talk to me about how I can make you one!


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