Epicure One Pot Dinners

Epicure One Pot Meals

As fall and winter hits I’m obsessed with one Pot Dinners and One Pot meals. They are easy, warm and less dishes than some of my other meals!

Epicure has some easy solutions that are delicious and can be made several different ways and different protein.

To shop all the Epicure One Pot Dinner solutions click here for US, and click on this link for Canada

Epicure Cha-Cha Chili

The Epicure chili is fantastic because you can make so many different ingredients. It comes in a package of 3 and is It has mild heat and for someone with a high tolerance of spice It isn’t hot! You can add meat, beans or different variations. I like to add mushrooms, peppers and sometimes I use ground turkey or ground chili. Here are some photos and variations you can make with the chili below. Don’t forget you can purchase it here in Canada and the US.

Chili Mac and Cheese – This one uses mac and cheese and chili for delicious results!

Epicure Cha-Cha Chili

Epicure Alfredo

Epicure Alfredo is so tasty and delicious and can be an easy one pot meal! Available in the US for $9 for a package of 3 and $10 in Canada. It’s super easy to make and add milk and some pasta.

One variation you can do to make it an Epicure One Pot Meal is to add salmon and bow tie pasta.

Epicure Alfredo

Epicure Pad Thai

Epicure Pad Thai Seasoning is another easy one pot meal. Available in the US and in Canada it is peanut free. It’s a super easy meal to make that is quick and can be made in one pot!

Epicure Pad Thai

Epicure Sheet Pan Dinners

Not really a pot but use the Epicure Sheet Pan and Bake and roll and you can make an easy dinner that can go into the oven. I love this Sheet Pan Southern Baked Tofu Dinner.

Epicure Sheet Pan Dinners

What is your favourite one pot meal? Tell us in the comments below!

Epicure One Pot Dinners

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