Epicure Salsa

Looking to make your own salsa? Epicure has delicious salsa you can make easily with Epicure Poco Picante Salsa Mix. It can be used to make tacos, bruchetta, and to eat on it’s own with chips.

To make Salsa it’s super easy. You just need the ingredients below. Tomatoes, lime and salsa. It’s great because you can make a small portion or make a large one depending on what you want to make! It’s also great for cherry tomatoes and larger tomatoes as well.

Epicure Poco Picante

There are also a lot of variations of the basic salsa. You can take the same recipe as above and add in peaches! You can also add cilantro as well.

Epicure Salsa

Another creative idea for the salsa is to make a salsa salad dressing. You can add it the salsa to the blender and make it a salad dressing!

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Epicure Pico
Epicure Salsa

The Epicure Salsa is a must try with Epicure and available in Canada and the US.

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