Epicure 100 Million Reasons Tour

Epicure 100 Million Reasons tour

Epicure 100 Million Reasons Tour is on the road! Epicure CEO, Amelia Warren, & US general managers Brick Bergeson are travelling around Canada and the US. It’s a great opportunity for Canadians, US to take part and get to know Epicure, learn about a cooking class and win prizes!

The tour takes place in 2019 and 2020.

I had the chance to take part in the Toronto tour on the East End of Toronto in Scarborough.

So starting off I was skeptical. As some of know the clothing company I was with before was a bit rocky.😂

As a start up they were all over the place but I was all in going to leadership, speaking at conventions and all that jazz. I was scared to invest any time or money into going to anything run by corporate!

I was surprised. The CEO was great! Not only is she in the day to day business doing cooking classes and knows what it is like she’s really business minded. She’s set up such a solid team of people who are working hard in the Canadian market and the US Market.

 Epicure Consultants and I with the CEO!

There were a few good lessons and one of them was Amelia the CEO does time blocking so she knows what she needs to do at what hour. (eg. kid time, meal plan time, product testing time etc) and it inspired me to look carefully at my own calendar with time management.

I also loved hearing from other consultants who told stories about their journey through Epicure and one common theme was mindset! They decided to go for it and then experienced great success. Some of them travelled for hours to get there.

I also loved that there was a board where people put their 100 million reasons they are an Epicure rep or involved with Epicure. Some of the reasons were things like financial, fun, to spend time with their girlfriends.

Epicure 100 million reasons tour

If you are interested in learning about Epicure and have one coming up I highly recommend you attend. If you can’t attend and just want to know more about Epicure I would love to chat with you about how the Epicure business can work for you.


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