My business goals for the next 90 days and how I will get there

My business goals

I’m a big fan of making huge scary goals and putting them out there for the world to see. Telling people my goal makes it happen right and telling the Universe?

Every morning I tell myself I’m so happy and grateful that I have become an Epicure Leader, earned the Epicure incentive trip to Mexico where I take my dad. Plus earn the New Leader Trip to Victoria. (breathes into a bag)

So here we go! Here are my business goals for the next 90 days and how I will get there

Goal – Epicure Incentive Trip to Mexico

Let’s start with my going to Epicure Incentive Trip to Mexico. Every year Epicure has a large incentive trip for Epicure consultant where they can earn a trip for one or two! In the past they have gone to Disney, Portugal and other amazing places.

When I found out it was Mexico I immediately told my partner who said I don’t want to go to Mexico. He said he would be more than happy to watch the kids and stay home. When I was over with my parents I told them about the trip and my dad said I would go with you!! And then of course! I should take my dad! He’s retired, he loves resorts and I feel like he’s done so much for me I would be so happy to do that.

I took a picture of my dad, saved it and put it in on my vision board. I even made him block off the trip in his calendar already. He thought I was a bit nuts (You haven’t earned the trip kid, but he said okay I will block it off”.

dad photos

Now that I’ve posted this on the internet I better earn it right? The trip is five-star luxury El Dorado Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. I can’t wait to be on the beach!

Goal – Epicure Leader

My goal with Epicure is that I would be doing this as a business where I can have a flexible job on my own terms. The compensation plan and Epicure is designed where you can just have a discount on food (no shame in that) or limitless income opportunities to amazing travel rewards and tons of perks.

My goal was to become an Epicure leader within the first six months so I could earn the financial bonuses of hitting it in Epicure Fast Start Program. Plus once you become an Epicure leader you earn higher commission rates! You also get taste tests, sneak previews and other perks.

Goal - Epicure Leader

Goal – New Leader Retreat

The New Leader Jump Start is a three-month program that you earn after you become an Epicure leader. The program helps you with business skills while giving you the support you need to become a strong Leader. You get mentorship and group training with your Regional Sales Manager.

To earn the New Leader Retreat there are qualifications you need to meet including qualifying as an Epicure Leader for three months in a row and a few other requirements. My goal is to earn the trip and the free airfare!

I gave myself a goal of End of January 2020 these goals and I’m both excited and terrified to hit these goals.

When planning these goals and working on them I keep my big picture in mind of why I’m doing this. It’s so I can have a flexible job around these two lovely people.

The kids and I
The kids and I – Photo by Anchor Photography

What are your business goals for the next 90 days and how will you get there? If you are interested in joining Epicure and starting your own journey subscribe below to my email list. Can’t wait to update you on how I did on Feb 1st!

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