Epicure New Year’s Eve ideas

Epicure New Year's eve

It’s almost Christmas and then New Years! If you need easy meal ideas and appies Epicure has you covered.

Epicure is all about clean eating, 85% non GMO, nut free, gluten free and healthy food for you and your family.

Looking for easy entertaining this New Year’s Eve? Simplify the everyday with these Epicure Meal Solution ideas for the perfect bite-sized appies. Try making mini Sloppy Joe sliders; serve small portioned bowls of garnished Creamy Chowder soup; or turn an everyday stir-fry into elegant 3-bite lettuce wraps.

Epicure New years eve

Another one that is a delicious special is the eggnog cheesecake! This one is a seasonal special but make a great dessert or appetizer to share.

Eggnog Cheesecake

Another easy crowd pleaser is to have lots of dips on hand! The most popular one is the Epicure Extraordinary dip. Have some pitas, chips or veggies to go with it.

Epicure Extraordinary Dip

If it’s just you and Neflix or you and everyone else celebrating the new year with delicious food is always a good idea!


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