Epicure Leadership and how I hit it in 7 months

Epicure Leadership

7 months ago I signed up to become an Epicure consultant with no intention of working the business.

My story started like this. After my last direct sales business I was burnt out, gained 20 pounds and eating unhealthy. It was a far cry from the marathon shape I was once in.

Dinner had become a stressful event in my household and I wasn’t eating as many healthy foods as I wanted with way too much takeout.

I purchased Epicure because I literally just needed a quick solution. That night I remember my kids being super hungry and making a quick fajita meal using the Epicure Mexican kit. I thought holy S%& everyone ate it and I made it in 20 minutes (ish). I knew that this was the right business for me and I needed to quit the other one I was doing and focus on Epicure. I then made the decision I was going all in with my business. I would then go for Epicure Leadership within my fast start period.

People have asked how I’ve managed to make sales, find new people to join me and so on. I think people want to think oh she’s lucky, or oh she had a big network, or something else to be the cause of my success.

But you do want to know the secret?

Epicure consultant

Mindset. I made the decision and went for it.

Success is really 95% mindset and then 5% strategy.

To be clear, I had no idea how I was going to hit this goal. Logically I knew the steps. Gets lots of sales, move up 4 levels, find an amazing team. But how would I do this?

This is some of the things I did.

Make the decision

I know, you are thinking that’s your secret? I made the decision and went for it, and just kept it top of mind when everything else go in the way.

Morning Routine

Most days I get up before my children. I meditate and write out my goals. I set my intention for the day. I imagined myself as a leader, looked at a photo of myself I photo shopped on the cover of the Epicure magazine.


Shit is going to get hard. I had so many obstacles come up on top of the other daily challenges of balancing my other business, keeping children alive, not having a car and having to take public transportation. The road to success wasn’t easy and I had to constantly keep the vision in my mind.

A few times things went so poorly I cried in the corner in the fetal position. but then after a good cry I got up and well kept going.

When an event was a fail I didn’t give up.

Do the training

When you join Epicure you get tons of training. Almost too much training!! take the time to do the training and the team is there to help you succeed!

Do the training

Be a Product of the Product

Epicure was an easy sell because I was eating it all the time and I lost weight! I was passionate about the food because I ate it all the time. I made overnight oats, I ate all the food.

epicure meals

Disclaimer – Anne Dickson makes no guarantee or promise of income with an Epicure business. Results are determined by each individual consultant and my results are my own. Financial success with Epicure or any business requires personal dedication, sales, commitment and effort.

Are you ready to hit your Epicure goals and join me in Epicure? Join today and learn more information.


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