Epicure Chia Jam Mix

Epicure Chia Jam Mix


Epicure makes so many different products that I haven’t had a chance to try them all. I purchased the Chia Jam Mix and was excited to try it.

What is in the Chia Jam Mix?

It is made with lemon verbena, real ginger & organic cane sugar,. Also a nutrient-dense chia seeds create a jelly texture. It is a great topper with yogurt, whole-grain toast & oatmeal.

Chia Jam mix
Chia Jam Mix

I was in a rush and read how to make it in the back Combine the berries with the mix. Microwave on high, uncovered, for 3–4 min. Mash and chill to set for at least 15 min. Store in refrigerator.

That was it. So I put it in the Epicure steamer then when it was finished I mashed it with a fork and put in the fridge and forgot.

I added it to this tray for guests with cheese, crackers and other goodies like the three cheese dip.

Epicure Chia Jam Mix and Epicure Three Cheese Dip

It also makes good leftovers for breakfast with some toast! My 3 year old liked the jam and had it for breakfast.

Chia Jam Mix gives back

Also an added bonus is that for every purchase of Chia Jam sold Epicure will give back $1 to the Epicure Foundation.

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Chia Jam Recipes

Chia Jam can be used for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner with Cranberry sauce! Avoid the canned stuff with loads of unhealthy items and buy some fresh cranberries and make this one in 15 minutes.

Epicure Chia Jam - Cranberry

Chia Jam is also great as jam! Here is the basic recipe of how to use it.

Epicure Chia Jam
Chia Jam Mix

Here is another recipe to make Chia Jam Pop-Tarts. Use the recipe above for the jam and put into your own homemade pop tarts.

Chia Jam Pop-Tarts

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