Epicure Cooking Class Ideas

Epicure Cooking Class Ideas

If you are looking for Epicure Cooking Class Ideas you have come to the right blog post. Please note due to COVID-19 and social distancing all our classes are online!

Do not reinvent the wheel

Epicure Head Office will give you tons of ideas in the back office. Use them! The class ones like the Mexican cooking class are amazing and all the resources are right there for you.

Epicure Mexican cooking class

An easy classic party is an Epicure cooking class based on the Mexican kit! This demo is available to all epicure consultants and the easiest way to showcase Epicure steamers, products and more.

Epicure Kids Cooking class

Cooking classes aimed just at kids and entering them are always a win! Eg. You can do things like making chocolate pudding, baking some chocolate brownies. Kids love to learn how to cook and see how food is made.

Epicure Camping class

I can’t give you advice for this one because I have no experience with camping! But show people how to cook at the camp site with easy meal ideas!

DIY baby food

Epicure steamer is such a great tool for baby food. Show new moms how they can make their own food using the steamer.

Epicure Steamer

Epicure Freezer Meals

A freezer meal is a meal you can make in advance and add to your freezer. These meals are super easy for busy weeknights. Some ideas are casseroles, potpies, lasagna or soups.

Wine and food class

Pair up some wine with some Epicure food!

Epicure Soup Class

Soup in a mason jar is an easy lunch idea and great for a cooking class! The soup can feed more than one person and a great practical class where people can take home complete items to make later.

Epicure Season Launch

Epicure releases new items every season and it is a perfect time to have a cooking class! You can have a cooking class testing out some of the new flavours of the season.

Epicure Burger Bar

A great idea for the summer is a burger bar class! You can make Epicure Veggie burgers or use the burger kit. There are so many ideas available for burger toppings.

Epicure Burger

Brunch cooking class

Highlight some of the easy breakfast ideas that can be made like pancakes, gluten-free bagels or oats in the steamer!

Charcuterie Board 

My favourite class you can do so many fun Epicure options highlighting some of our easy things to make along with crackers and cheese.

 Charcuterie Board 

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