Epicure Azteca Tortilla Soup

Azteca Tortilla Soup

Epicure has done it again and released tons of new items including some new soups! I love soup all year round but something about winter and soup always makes me really happy.

Azteca Tortilla Soup Seasoning

On Christmas day I wanted a quick easy healthy meal before everyone went nuts and overate. I made the Epicure Aztec Tortilla Soup now available in Canada and the USA.

Details on the product – It is raw to ready in 20 minutes.

Azteca Tortilla Soup

Azteca tortilla soup details

Robust, fresh Mexican flavours of bell pepper, cumin, garlic & chili. Try with a scoop of cooked rice. Keep it vegetarian or customize with pulled pork or chicken, shrimp, or ground meat.

The soup uses items I already have in my house on a regular basis with black bean soup, tomatoes.

It was so easy that I combined the seasoning tomatoes and boiled it.

I then added black beans to the soup.

azteca soup epicure
Epicure soup

I also added frozen corn that I had in my freezer. I had lots of corn in my freezer that I saved from September when it was corn season.

I didn’t have any avocados but lime and the tortillas were delicious!

Epicure Azteca Tortilla Soup

Definitely pick this soup up. It was so easy to make, everyone loved it and the perfect quick meal to eat anytime of day.

Other ideas you can make

Azteca goes great on chicken! Get the recipe here

Saucy Azteca chicken

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Azteca Tortilla soup

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Azteca Tortilla Soup

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