How do I become an Epicure consultant?

how do i become an epicure consultant?

Interested in becoming an Epicure Consultant? You have come to the right place!

Hi. I’m Anne Dickson, an Epicure Leader, and Independent Epicure Consultant. To become an Epicure Consultant you need to do a few things:

Find a consultant (me!) to sign up with and then talk to me on the phone/zoom where I can take down your name, number, mailing information and payment information to purchase your kit. It’s that easy!

I have a large team across Canada and the US and a wide range of people from professionals, accountants, graphic designers, full-time parents and more.

Hope this answers your question of how do I become an Epicure Consultant!

Ready to sign up?

Ready to Join Epicure, start your journey and become a consultant? Fill out the information below and Anne will phone/contact you for the payment information!

There are many reasons to become an Epicure rep.

  1. Wholesale discount on food.
  2. Flexibility decides when, where, and how often you want to work.
  3. Income – you earn commission on your sales. Pay debt, save for a vacation
  4. Friendships – Meet other consultants around Canada and the USA
  5. Have support from me and the rest of the team!
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For more information check out my other posts!

Business Kit

Anne Dickson can not make any promises or guarantees that any independent Epicure Consultant will be financially successful as each consultant’s results are dependent on his or his own skill and effort.

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