Epicure appetizers

Are you looking for some quick appetizers for a delicious pre-dinner? Or having a party where you aren’t serving a full meal but want to have some snacks on hand?

Epicure has tons of easy appetizers for you!

Epicure appetizers

I love this one because it looks super fancy! Spinach & Shrimp Cups is easy to make and uses cucumbers, baby spinach and crab meat. It also uses the Spinach dip by Epicure!

Epicure appetizers 1

Epicure Salsa

A classic is to have some nacho chips and Epicure Salsa and Guac! Epicure Pico is a winner and tasty!

Epicure appetizers 2

The Epicure classic is the Extraordinary cheese dip it uses some of the most popular items and is delicious! It uses CCB, 3 onion dip and lemon dilly and can be made and warmed up in the oven. You can serve it with veggies or chips.

Epicure appetizers 3

I’m not sure why I love this recipe so much. I think it is because it’s easy to make, delicious and always a winner! Here is the recipe for Lemon Dilly Deviled eggs

Epicure appetizers 4

A fun DIY one I can’t wait to try is to make your own chips. The Everything bagel crackers uses rice, quinoa and a gluten free snack option.

Epicure appetizers 5

Another crowd pleaser is red pepper meatballs. It uses the jelly and goes well with the crackers shown above.

Epicure appetizers 6

Another easy dip mix is the spinach dip. Sneak in some veggies into your kids lives or adult with this tasty mix

Epicure appetizers 7

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