Epicure Ground Beef Recipes

Are you looking for easy ground beef recipes? Here are some using Epicure products. Epicure is gluten-free, 85% non-GMO with no additives and preservatives.

ground beef recipes

Sloppy Joes

The sloppy Joe’s from Epicure are delicious!! It is super easy to make with some tomato paste and goes well on tiny little sliders. You can purchase it in packs of 3 from Epicure in Canada.

Sloppy joes


Tacos are the solution for everything and we eat them every Tuesday. It’s a very mild flavour and like most Epicure products it can be made quickly. You can easily make it with ground beef and Epicure salsa and guacamole. But the taco seasoning in Canada and the USA.

Epicure Ground Beef Recipes 1

Ground beef recipes – Shepherd’s Pie

My favourite comfort food! This classic comfort food made super easy with Epicure seasoning. Plus an easy use for ground beef, potatoes and mixed veggies. Buy it it Canada here.

Epicure Ground Beef Recipes 2


This tasty East Coast Canadian treat is a crowd pleaser! It uses ground beef and reminds me of my yearly trips out East.

Epicure Ground Beef Recipes 3

Cheesy Lasagna Dip

Ok this isn’t a a meal but whoa wouldn’t it be a tasty dip? It also uses ground beef and Rosemary Garlic Seasoning.

Epicure Ground Beef Recipes 4

ohh Do you love Chili? I do!! It is a great use of ground beef or also ground beef mac and cheese!

Epicure Ground Beef Recipes 5
Epicure Ground Beef Recipes 6


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