Epicure Banana Bread

epicure banana bread

The Epicure Banana bread might be the best thing that was released in 2020. This gluten free bread is so easy kids can make it! Here is my daughter and one of our friends making the bread.

epicure banana bread

The Gluten Free Banana Bread is now in USA and Canada.

It’s pretty easy to make. You need to ripe bananas, olive oil and some eggs. And the banana bread mix.

You can make into a loaf, mini loaves or muffins. Here it is with the new mini loaf pans by Epicure.

mini loaf pan

You can also make it into muffin form as well! When kids help me make muffins it gets a bit messy!


Buy Epicure Banana Bread here

Available in Canada

Buy Epicure Banana Bread here

Now in the USA!


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Epicure Banana Bread 1

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Epicure Banana Bread 2
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Epicure Banana Bread

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