A day in the Life of an Epicure Consultant

Day in the life of an Epicure Consultant

What is it like being an Epicure Consultant?

The life of an Epicure Consultant varies greatly. Epicure Consultants across Canada and the USA have very different days. Some work full time, part-time, stay at home moms, multiple jobs etc. Today I’m going to tell you a day in my life as an Epicure Consultant.

I usually get up early before my kids at 6am. I meditate, start working on something like my blog and be ready before everyone. This morning the kids didn’t sleep well so I changed the alarm back to 7am! I also felt sick yesterday so the day was all thrown off.

I got my kids on breakfast and ready for school. This week has been a nutty one for us with Teacher Strikes and then a PA day on Friday. I’m so thankful I have a flexible job because I would have been scrambling for childcare!

I had Valentine’s day parties today for my kid so I had that ready to go to. On the way home I was thankful again to have a flexible job where I could run to the mall and run an errand. That errand also involved getting a coffee!

Anne Dickson

When I go home I had a few things to do business wise.

Follow-ups with a few customers seeing how they liked their products and a few invites going our for an upcoming cooking class.

There is an email from the CEO, Amelia Warren confirming the cooking class we are having! No, this isn’t a typical thing for a consultant. She is in my city and will be coming to a class and I’m pretty excited and slightly terrified.

Check-in with a consultant on my team who needed help with something and also made a call to someone who was ready to sign up to be a consultant!

I also spend time trying to fix something on my website and reach out to a friend for help. She’s with another Direct Sales company but has become my accountability partner and great at solving WordPress issues!

After this, I took a break to do housework and chores. Is that exciting? Not really, but stuff needs to get done right? I then got in a quick 20-minute workout which I gotta admit hurt

As school ends I went to pick up my daughter from daycare and my son from school as well as my nephew. We all head to the soccer class!

At soccer class I talked to another a parent about teacher strikes (the conversation of the day) and I explained I have a flexible job I work from home! This parent and I talk weekly and have been for months but I never bring Epicure I usually just have business cards in my pocket. I gave her my business card and she said she would check out the site.

After dinner I put the kids to bed because my partner is working super late. Again i’m so thankful for the flexible job around Epicure. So things like when I’m doing dishes and a you got a new order email came in I know that I can work my business around Epicure!

Another friend and I make plans to talk tomorrow morning because she’s ready to sign up for Epicure!

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Disclaimer – Anne Dickson makes no guarantee or promise of income with an Epicure business. Results are determined by each individual consultant and my results are my own. Financial success with Epicure or any business requires personal dedication, sales, commitment and effort.

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