Epicure 3 Onion Dip Recipes

Looking for 3 onion Dip recipes?

3 Onion Dip is one of the most popular items at Epicure. Not just for onion dip this can be used for soups, casseroles and more.

Epicure 3 Onion Dip is gluten-free and no fillers.

epicure 3 onion recipes

3 onion dip recipes

Not sure what to do with Epicure 3 onion dip? Don’t want to make dip? Here are some favourites! The 3 onion dip is gluten-free and available in Canada and the USA. .

3 onion dip mix

Blue Cheese and Onion Cheese Ball


Make into a cheese ball or simply roll into a ‘log’. Find the recipe here.

Epicure 3 Onion Dip Recipes 1

Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas

Kid friendly!

Make this cheesy recipe in 20 minutes or less. Super easy and popular with kids. Make the recipe here

morning strata

Morning Strata

Great for Breakfast

You can make this Epicure 3 onion dip recipe the night before and heat it up for breakfast. Recipe is here

3 Onion Biscuits

3 Onion Biscuits

Epicure 3 Onion Dip Recipes 2

Egg Muffin To Go

Get the recipe here

3 onion dip recipe

Bruschetta Flatbread

epicure 3 onion potato

Potato Skins

Potato Skins

Epicure 3 Onion Dip Recipes 3

Chicken Pizza

Get the recipe here

Epicure 3 Onion Dip Recipes 4



Southwestern Hamburgers

Southern Hamburger

Purchase 3 onion dip here

Canadian link

Purchase 3 onion dip here

USA link below

Shop in Canada

3 onion recipes

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