Epicure Shepherd’s Pie

epicure shepherd's pie

One of my favourite meals is the Epicure’s Shephard’s Pie. It’s usually a time-consuming task making all the different parts of it but Epicure has made it super easy to make! This classic comfort food can be made with mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. You can make the potato using the Epicure Multipurpose steamer and you can make it with ground beef, chicken, tofu, or lentils.

Epicure Shepherd's Pie

I took some photos while I was making it to show how easy it is! I’m getting the potatoes ready here for mashing. You can do this part in the steamer and microwave to save time or old school on the stovetop.

Epicure Shepherd's Pie

I go the ground beef ready to cook. You can use lentils, ground chicken instead.

Ground beef

You can then add frozen veggies to the ground beef.

Frozen Veggies and Ground Beef

For my little one I keep the ground beef mixture away from the potatoes so she will eat it! But for everyone else I top them together.

Epicure Shepherd's Pie 1

And that’s it!! It’s super easy to make and can even be made on a weekday!!

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epicure shepards pie

Epicure Shepherd's Pie 2

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