5 habits of successful direct sellers

5 habits of successful direct sellers

I’ve been asked a few times how I’ve had success in direct sales so quickly and here are my tips from my own success and from other top sellers.

Time Blocking

At my last company, I went to a leadership retreat with about 20 others. The first night I was randomly assigned a room and my roomie was the top seller at my company. One thing she taught me was time blocking. She blocked off time to do something like (mail orders out) and wouldn’t do anything but that single task.

time blocking


Being persistent and showing every day and doing the work is key to success. There are times when you will throw a party and only two people will show up, or you won’t hit a goal. Being consistent and not giving up and working through the hard times is the key.


Focus on the customer

Sales is about the customer and solving what they need. Do they need to go an event and need accessories to go with their outfit? Are they looking for quick easy healthy meals and you have the solution? (Spoiler alert I have that solution for you). Help the customer


Successful direct sellers have clear goals they want to achieve and know what they are aiming for. They define what they want and move towards the goal! They also like to think big stretching their thought process!

Making muffins – photo by Pixistock


If you believe it you can achieve it. A new team member had a launch party and no one RVSPed. Then guess what happened? She gave up. I had the same situation happen where I did my launch party and no one came. But the difference I didn’t give up, I knew to keep going and learn from this failure.

Me at a cooking class

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