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Prep meals for 2 weeks on quarantine

Prep meals for 2 weeks on quarantine 3

Wondering what you will eat if you are under self isolation or quarantine for 2 weeks? No as of this time I’m not in quarantine. You shouldn’t stock up like it’s an Apocalypse but it’s ok to add a few extra items to your pantry.

Note I’m a home cook, this blog is not medical information. Check out the World Health Information for the latest updates on Cornavirus. The views expressed in this blog are my own and not the Epicure Corporate office.

Cook with fresh food first

If you have fresh food in your fridge use it first! Now is that time to eat that lettuce, cucumbers and meat! Make meals with that first as the priority.

If you little bits of vegetable left I recommend making a stir fry.

3 bean Salad

This no cook recipe is easy to make and will use staples in your house.

3 bean salad

Easy Pesto Pasta

Prep meals for 2 weeks on quarantine 4

Using Epicure Pesto and some pine nuts you can whip up this delicious meal. Get the recipe here

If you have tortillas (an easy one to store in the freezer) you can make these quesadillas. Cheese can keep for awhile as well.

3 onion rice

Use the 3 onion dip mix and make some rice with this favourite meal. Rice is a great staple to have to hand.

Prep meals for 2 weeks on quarantine 5


Chili might be my favourite easy meal. You can use this Epicure Chili as a base and if you want add some cumin into it. There are so many variations of chili. You can add frozen corn, canned tomatoes, veggies, different beans.

Fish Cakes

Okay I think my kids wont like this one. BUT if you have some canned salmon or canned fish you could whip up some easy fish cakes. Here’s a recipe here


A bag of potatoes won’t last forever but can keep well in your cold room or a in a dark place. You can make baked potatoes, mashed potatoes (oat milk does’t have to go into the fridge) or roasted potatoes.

More recipes are coming soon!

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Prep meals for 2 weeks on quarantine 6

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