Cooking with kids – tips to keep them entertained

cooking with kids

Are you on March Break and then schools, libraries, museums and everything is shut down for coronvirus and flattening the curve?

wondering what you will do with your children?

Cooking is a great activity. You need to eat anyway and its a great time to teach them some basic skills in the kitchen.

Easy recipes for kids.

Here are some Epicure meal ideas you can get your kids to help you make.


Taco bar


Make tacos with them where they pick their own toppings, guac, salsa, cheese and more.


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epicure banana bread

Banana Bread

Gluten Free

This easy recipe is fun for little ones and easy to make! Make muffins or a loaf.

Recipe in Canada

rainbow smoothie


Rainbow for the win

This smoothie bowl involves the blender and they can help chop up kiwi.

Recipe in Canada

Recipe in USA



DIY pizza

This recipe involves making your own crust and dip. You can also go the traditional route and get them to help you pick what goes on each pizza!

Get the recipe here – Canada

Get the recipe here – USA

chocolate pudding

Chocolate Pudding

Gluten Free!

This one is perfect for my 3 year old. You can use almond milk, regular cow milk or anything you want.

Get the recipe here – CDN

Get the recipe here – US

cooking with kids

Green Mac + Cheese

Mac +Cheese

Mac and Cheese that’s green? Whoa sign me up for this one!

Get the recipe here-CDN

Get the recipe here – USA


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Cooking with kids - tips to keep them entertained 3

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