Rice Recipes

6 recipes using rice

Did you buy a huge bag of rice and now wondering what to do with it? Here are some ideas of recipes that use rice!

rice recipe

Risotto with Saffron and Peas

A crowd pleaser

Saffron with peas uses rice, vegetable stock and more. Find the recipe here

ginger rice

Ginger Rice

Easy meal

This simple recipe uses rice, vegetable broth and a bit of ginger and makes a delicious recipe. Get the recipe here

butter chicken

Butter Chicken

Rice is the not the main

Butter Chicken is the main meal but it best served with some delicious rice. Get the recipe here

Rice Recipes 1

Enchilada Fried Rice

Top with Avocados

Fried rice is an easy meal. Check out this recipe here

Rice recipes

Rice with Feta and Mint


An easy recipe to make using feta! Get the recipe here

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