Freezer meals

freezer meals

Looking for easy Epicure Freezer Meals? Here are some easy ones you can stock your freezer with.

protein balls

Protein Cookie

Get the recipe here

Make ahead, freeze, then grab and go for an easy breakfast.

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Freezer meals 1

Breakfast Cookie

Get the recipe here

Eat it for breakfast or on the go. This freezer meal is great to have on hand for you or kids.

Freezer meals 2

Easy Asian Meatballs

Get the recipe here

epicure freezer meals

Sloppy Joes

Get the recipe here

Ideal for sandwiches, taco fillings, nacho toppers, or as a base for shepherd’s pie.

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Freezer meals 3

Mexican Lasagna

Get the recipe here

Recommended by tons of Epicure consultants make a big batch and freeze it!

Beef Stroganoff


Get the recipe here

This creamy mushroom & onion sauce can be made with beef, beef strips or chicken.

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Get the recipe here

Make a big batch of meatballs and freeze for easy meals later.

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Freezer meals 4


Get the recipe here

One great blend, customized your way –  traditional or veggie. Just add meat or beans, tomatoes, and your favorite veggies.

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pulled pork

Pulled Pork

Get the recipe here

An easy meal solution you can make in the slow cooker and then transfer half to the freezer!

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Freezer meals 5

Chickpea Stew

Get the recipe here

Stews are great for freezer meals!

bean soup

Black Bean Soup

Get the recipe here

Yum you can’t go wrong with a bean soup. 🙂

Freezer meals 6

Donair Burger

Get the recipe here

This tasty burger is inspired by the East Coast of Canada.

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