How to work your direct sales business during a pandemic

How to work your direct sales business during a pandemic 1

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It’s only been a week but it feels like a month has gone by. Schools have closed here, restaurants are take out only and anyone that can work from home is working home. It can be a stressful time for sure as our needs change and we have to learn to pivot our lives and businesses.

Corona Virus or Covid-19 has disrupted the way we work including direct sales.

Here are some immediate tips:

  1. Have you heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs? It’s a principle where at the bottom people want their physiological needs and safety met before everything else. During a crisis, it’s okay to take the time to focus on your own immediate needs of food, family shelter and making sure you have the basics.
  2. Evaluate the channels you have and figure out what to focus on. Do you have Instagram, Facebook Business page? Is it time to look and explore Tik Tok? Always been meaning to figure out Pinterest? Now is the time to look and explore these different channels
  3. Cancel anything you need to go to in person. If you are in an area where you can’t be a vendor event, pop-ups, or cooking class/hostess parties cancel them and see if you can move them online.
  4. Look at all your posts right now on social media. If you have them prescheduled now is the time to look at them and see if they make sense and are appropriate.
  5. Look at the fine print for all your vendor events that you have coming up and see if you can get refunds on your deposits etc.
  6. If you sell a product like I do (ahem food) pivot and figure out how to add value during this time. Do you sell cleaning products? Teach people how to clean. Are you with a company with lots of products for home organization? Teach people how to organize their houses. If you are on my team and with Epicure now is the time to teach people how to cook out of all those beans and other things they have in their pantry.
  7. Teach your teams about how to grow online. Are you skilled in IG, Pinterest is your jam? Love email lists? Teach your team and downline and work with others on your team to share the burden of training.
  8. Make product videos. Do you love to go to cooking classes/in person and show how you use your products? Do the same thing but make it online! Here is my Youtube channel if you want to see some videos.

Things not to do

  1. Don’t decide for your customers that they don’t want to buy your products. You don’t know what everyone’s financial situations are during this time.
  2. Don’t be a spammy weirdo
  3. Don’t copy other’s people’s content!
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Me and my kids – stay home!

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