Places with Online Grocery Delivery in Toronto

grocery delivery toronto

Are you looking for places in Online grocery delivery in Toronto that will deliver to you during Corona Virus? Here are some places that deliver.

Note this list is changing and if you know anyone who is delivering groceries in Toronto please add them to the list!


Epicure has gluten free, healthy spices and mixes that will ship to you via FedEx from British Columbia. Here is my shopping link. These aren’t prepared meals you will still need fresh ingredients. Note this is my business and my affiliate link!

I recommend Minced Garlic and Toasted Onion.

protein balls

Local Farms

Kendal Farms – Virtual Farmers Market

Dave is a long time colleague of mine and put his farmer market online as well other farmers. They deliver to Toronto once a week. Who doesn’t want food straight from a farm? Note ordering opens on Thursday at noon.

Dufferin Grove Farmers Market

The local market is now online. Eggs, produce, gluten free baked goods!

Good Food Box

Good food box has amazing produce for very low cost and deliver every week.


Black Cat Espresso Bar

I’m a regular here! If you need coffee beans or beer send him a DM!

SparkPlug Coffee

If you want to support a local business and have fresh roasted coffee to your door check them out!

Baked Goods

Hype Food Co

If you are looking for allergy-aware bakery and gluten free this bakery is doing delivery!


This company has branched out into grocery delivery. Check out the website above. P.S. They seem to offer great service and have windows open! Note use my referral link above for $10 dollars off

Fresh Fields

This store offers organic goods and produce. I’m a huge fan of the tortilla shells there. Contact them by phone or messenger or email and they will arrange great food to your doorstep.

Grocery Gateway

I use grocery gateway on a regular basis and it would show up the next day. As of today (March 29th) the wait time is about 2 weeks!?! But still worth planning out your groceries and using it. Note delivery times open after midnight each day so get ready to order at night.


This app has Asian food! It has partnered with a Lucky Moose, Pacific Fresh Food Mart, H Mart. I’m really excited about this!!

Food to You

This one is brand new and I don’t have any reviews but they promise delivery right away. It might be worth testing out since the other ones are so busy!


A new start up delivering groceries to West end of Toronto.


This one has location in multiple places (not just Toronto).

Fiesta Farms

If you are over 70 and live within 2 kms they will help deliver to you!

T&T Supermarket

I love the selection of Asian groceries at T&T supermarket. They do delivery!

Uber Eats

They have added convenience stores to the list! No you can’t do a full shopping run but if you want a few essentials delivered from the corner store Uber Eats has a few local Toronto options.


This grocery store is now doing online delivery. If you need some Italian or miss working downtown this one is for you.


Loblaws is using Instacart. If you want a spot do it in the morning before times fill up.

Annex Market

They have next day home delivery!


Catapult Brewing

Need some beer from a local brewery? Many are doing deliveries including this tasty one.


Same day delivery!

Henderson Brewing

I’m going to miss going here this spring and summer! But good news Henderson is delivering !


Jill and the Beanstalk

If you need food for your little toddler Jill and the Beanstalk is doing local deliveries in Toronto.

If you need help with meal planning please give me a shout and I would love to help!


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