Epicure Macaroni and Cheese

epicure mac and cheese

Epicure macaroni and cheese is a great alternative to other mac and cheeses on the market. Our is made without excess sodium has less additives and then other brands. Available in Canada and US they come in packages of 3. It’s also available in our Epicure Business Kit and the 3 week dinner collection.

This mac and cheese can be made the classic way and popular with kids for lunch. It is the easiest meal to make! Here is a video of me making it with my daughter Ella.

We have also made the meal in other ways with broccoli, or combining chili and macaroni for a chili mac and cheese. That was delicious and they loved it!

Here is below. I threw it together with some fresh avocados on top and a side salad.

Epicure mac and cheese

Here are some other ways to make it – Mac and cheese with trees. Add some broccoli to it to sneak into vegetables

Mac & Cheese with Trees

If you are feeling more adventurous you can add the mac and cheese into a pepper! Get the recipe here

stuffed peppers with mac and cheese

Here is one simple one I made with ground beef and some peppers below

Ground beef with peppers

To make things even sweeter if you purchase the mac and cheese you purchase we will donate one meal to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America.

mac and cheese

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I want some

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Epicure mac and cheese
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Epicure Macaroni and Cheese 4
Epicure Macaroni and Cheese 5
Mac and Cheese Seasoning Recipe
Epicure Macaroni and Cheese 6

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