Epicure Potato Salad

epicure potato salad

A brand new product for Summer is Epicure Potato Salad Mix! This easy to use recipe is great for summer BBQ, summer picnics or just lunch every day. Note this product was a seasonal item for Summer 2020.

Here is the jar of Epicure Creamy Potato Salad available in Canada and the USA.

epicure potato salad
Epicure Dressing Mix

Cooking has been interesting (as I write this it’s cooking in the time of covid) but magically I had potatoes, mayo and some yogurt. It also required eggs but I passed on it because I wasn’t sure if my 3 and 5 year old would eat it.


I cut up the potatoes into small pieces and cooked it on the stove. You could also cook it the Epicure Steamer to make it faster. I then put it out a tray to cool down.

I then added the Epicure mix with mayo and yogourt.

Epicure Potato Salad 3
Epicure Potato Salad 4

I then mixed it together with the potatoes. THAT’S IT! IT WAS FINISHED!

epicure potato salad

This product gets released on May 1st but you can buy it right now in the new Summer Strong Collection if you can’t wait!!!

Epicure summer strong collection

Buy in Canada

Epicure Summer Strong Collection

Buy in USA


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Epicure Potato Salad 5
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