Epicure chocolatly temptation cupcake

epicure chocolate cupcake

I’m excited I got to test drive this new product! This new product is vegan and gluten-free. Make your own tasty cupcakes with a choice of milk or milk alternative.

Cooking has been a little like iron chef/chopped where I don’t always have all the ingredients in my house. Thankfully I had everything I needed for this new product!

Epicure chocolatly temptation cupcake 3
The items to make cupcakes

I decided to make them into cupcakes and use the chocolate fudge by Epicure on top and top with Tutti Fruity Whole Food Topper ( a blend of real strawberries, raspberries, and more) No the finish product looked nothing like this beautiful photo but it was delicious.

Everything with Epicure is gluten-free and they have a never-ever list of items that are NOT in their products. These include artificial flavours, peanuts, and words I can’t spell like tetrasodium EDTA.

The directions were super easy to follow and I could add the oatmilk and other ingredients.

chocolatly temptation cupcake

My kids loved it as well and helped me make it. They love to stir with a whisk.

my kids cooking

When it was ready I put into a muffin pan. You could easily put into a cake form as well.

Epicure chocolatly temptation cupcake 4

This is the finished product. It doesn’t look fancy at all but I let it cool down and then made the Epicure chocolate fudge on top.

Epicure chocolatly temptation cupcake 5

Here is the finished product where I snapped a quick photo before the kids ate it up!

Hope you love the Epicure Cupcake!

Epicure chocolatly temptation cupcake

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Epicure chocolatly temptation cupcake 6
Chocolate cupcakes

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