Join Epicure for 20% off in May 2020!

Please note this post is out of date! BUT the business kit is on sale in March 2021 for $79 US and $100 Canadian

Join epicure in may for 20% off

Want to join Epicure?

This offer was only valid for May 2020. Contact Anne for more information!

Now is a great time to join Epicure and for May 2020 you can join for 20% off!! That’s a savings of $35 CDN/$30 USD! Any consultants who joined in April 2020 or sponsored in April can invite friends to join for this discount. This is not open to every consultant!

The business kit itself is an awesome deal and you get $450 USD/$500 CDN worth of Epicure items. This is an amazing time to get the kit for $140 CDN or $120 USD.

Business kit

If you are interested in joining give me a shout-out at the form below and check out these articles below!

Why Join Epicure?

  • We are selling food! An essential service that everyone eats
  • Get paid commission weekly
  • Low start up costs
  • Ability to sell in Canada and the USA
  • Ships directly to people’s door (no inventory required)
  • Supportive team and lots of training!

Shop in Canada

Anne Dickson can not make any promises or guarantees that any Independent Epicure Consultant will be financially successful as each consultant’s results are dependent on his or his own skill and effort.

Epicure consultant
Some of the amazing team members!

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