Creamy Ranch Recipes

Epicure makes tons of dips and one of the most popular ones is creamy ranch. This classic ranch flavour has chives, fresh herbs & tangy buttermilk. Epicure products are in Canada and the USA and are gluten-free, nut-free and 90% non-GMO. Below is a list of some of the easy recipes you can use creamy ranch dip for! You can also use it as a classic dip for wings, pasta, or stir with some milk for ranch dressing.

The creamy ranch is made without MSG and made with real buttermilk powder, natural spices and chives.

Epicure creamy ranch recipes

Epicure Creamy Ranch Recipes.

Not just a side for wings you can use Epicure Creamy Ranch dip in so many things!

ranch fish sticks

Ranch Fish Sticks

Get the recipe here

Kid friendly

ranch sandwich

Chickpea Salad Sandwich

Get the recipe here

Change up your lunch with this ranch dressing.

Creamy Ranch Recipes 3

Holiday Turkey Kebabs

Get the recipe here

Get for BBQ season!

sheet pan dinner

Sheet pan ranch dinner

Get the recipe here

Yum! Love this simple dish

Creamy Ranch Recipes 4

Ranch dip

Get the recipe here

The classic dip for a party

Ranch Chicken Quesadillas

Ranch Chicken Quesadillas

Get the recipe here

A perfect lunch dish

Purchase Ranch Dressing

Purchase Ranch Dressing

Shop in Canada

Creamy Ranch Recipes 5

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